Our Mission

Parent to Parent is committed to educating, encouraging, and empowering parents and caregivers to guide and nurture children of all ages by sponsoring quality programs. We do this by:

Supporting the needs of Winchester families

Providing vetted experts speakers

Facilitating discussions through various forums and book groups

Collaborating with local schools and community organizations

Fostering a non-judgmental environment


Parent to Parent was originally founded in 1982 by a small group of Winchester School staff to facilitate networking among parents of adolescents.  The organization has evolved to now offer programs that support parents of children of all ages and stages. Our Speakers and Panels include educators, mental health professionals, and parents who provide insight and strategies for parenting young to college aged children. 

We became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1997. Our board represents a cross section of Winchester parents with children of all ages.

Parent to Parent continually strives to be responsive to the needs of the community and we always welcome your input.

Board Members

Parent to Parent is an all volunteer, non-profit organization. We always welcome suggestions from the community and new parents who are interested in becoming involved. We encourage you to attend one of our programs. Feel free to email us or speak to one of the members below

Karen Caputo, Co-President
Shawn Macannuco, Co-President
Susan Fagerstrom, Treasurer
Linda McDonough, Co-Clerk
Lynn Phillips, Co-Clerk

Ella Adams-Macleod
Anne Bianchini
Kerry Campbell
Mary Ellen Croteau
Robert Ellington
Jeanette Kolodziej
Gabriela McManus
Lynn Phillips
Gael Robinson
Kerry Seitz
Cristy Walsh

Thank you to our supporters and Winchester community members for your generous contributions: