Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015


Lincoln Elementary School

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D.

Taking Back Childhood: A Proven Roadmap for Raising Confident, Creative, Compassionate Kids.

Childhood has changed dramatically in recent times.  Societal trends such as the rapid rise in exposure to screens and technology, rampant consumerism, and the overemphasis on academics and testing in our schools have reshaped kids' lives, sometimes threatening the basic building blocks of healthy childhood. 

Dr. Carlsson-Paige will discuss the effects of these powerful forces on children and help us identify what we can do to restore childhood to the best it can be even in these challenging times.





Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Lincoln Elementary School

Dennis Rosen, M.D.

Successful Sleep Strategies for Kids (and parents:)

Getting kids up, out of bed and off to school can be maddeningly difficult, matched only by the challenge of getting them into bed and off to sleep at night. How much sleep do children and adolescents really need? What underlying issues drive our sleep patterns and determine how easy it is (or not) for children to fall asleep and wake up? How do sleep patterns interface with brain development and impact academic strengths and weaknesses?

Dr. Rosen will answer these questions and more. He will provide strategies that you can use to improve your child's sleep patterns and habits.



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